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Our aim is to support you with your health. We offer you useful information and tools on this topic. We are a team of alternative practitioners and holistic health coaches with years of experience. We want to use this experience to support you on your journey. We hope you enjoy exploring this website.

Our aim is to support you with your health. We offer you useful information and tools on this topic. We are a team of alternative practitioners and holistic health coaches with years of experience. We want to use this experience to support you on your journey. We hope you enjoy exploring this website.

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The food industry often tells us how healthy it is to eat whole grains compared to white flour products. But is this really the case? Studies have shown that eating whole grains is just as harmful as eating white flour products. There is even evidence that the wheat agglutinin found in the husk is particularly damaging to the intestinal walls. You can find out the consequences of this in our video.

Myth no. 2: 5 small meals a day are better than 3

Another myth is the statement that 5 small meals are better than 3 or less. Again, studies have long shown that this is not the case. Frequent food intake promotes massive inflammation in the body and causes digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, diabetes & much more.

Myth no. 3: Cholesterol is bad for your health

Cholesterol is often thought to have negative properties. However, new scientific findings report the opposite. For example, 90 % of cholesterol is formed in the liver and only 10 % can be influenced by dietary intake. Cholesterol is the basic building block for a large number of hormones, including our sex and stress hormones. The body also builds up the important vitamin D from cholesterol. It is now scientifically proven that high cholesterol levels protect against cardiovascular disease in old age.

Myth no. 4: Only calories count when losing weight

The energy balance myth has become firmly anchored in the weight loss industry. Nowadays, a negative energy balance is still associated with successful weight loss. However, we have all seen people with thyroid disorders or menopause gain weight even though they have not changed their caloric intake. How can this be? Watch the video to find out how you can successfully achieve your feel-good figure in the long term.

If you would like to find out more about myths that make us ill, take a look at our presentation on “How food myths make us ill”. You can find it here. You are also welcome to send us ane-mail or give us a call.

You can also take advantage of our free health check and find out whether you are at risk of metabolic syndrome.

Get your personalized health analysis.

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Take advantage of our free health check and find out more about your body composition, your metabolic type and your risk of metabolic syndrome. Click here for your health check.

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Once you have submitted the form with your data, you will receive your personal analysis by e-mail within 48 hours. The recommendations it contains should help you to make good decisions for your health.

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There are now several ways for you to implement the recommendations in the best possible way. The most effective way is to contact us and get to know us and our work in a free preliminary consultation. Click on the button below.

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Knowledge is power

Become an expert in your own health and educate yourself through our courses, webinars and training. Become the role model you want to be seen as in the world. We support you with all our knowledge. Become part of our community of LifeChangers. Click here to see our offer.

Start your healthy life!

Get your personalized health analysis.

Start your healthy life!

Get your personalized health analysis.

Metabolic Check / Health Check

The free Metabolic Check includes a quick analysis of your metabolic combustion type via video mailing from us. You will also find out whether you are at risk of metabolic syndrome. The latter is the biggest health killer of the 21st century. You will also receive other important recommendations about your body composition and how you can optimize your health.

Physiological Nutrition

As shown in the video, changing your perspective brings profitable results. In physiological nutritional consultation, the focus is on the person and not the food. As unique as each of us is, so is our metabolism. For this reason, tomatoes or meat, for example, can be good for one person and harmful for another. If you want to finally find clarity in the jungle of nutritional recommendations, then book one of our holistic & physiological nutrition concepts and lay the foundation for your health.

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In close cooperation with the team of experts at the Naturheilzentrum Alstertal, we offer our participants holistic & medical care. This is always the case if you already have pre-existing illnesses or metabolic imbalances. Click on the button to go directly to the Naturheilzentrum Alstertal website for further help.

Courses + webinars

Become your own health expert. Through our courses and webinars, you can learn more about various topics to help you understand yourself and your body better. The courses and webinars are structured in such a way that they can be understood and visualized by everyone. The best prevention is information. Start your journey to becoming a health expert now.

Our recommendations

We recommend the following useful products* for your well-being and health. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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The path to a healthy metabolism
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The laws of winners: success and a fulfilled life
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Get moving! And your brain says thank you.
Thyroid gold
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The thyroid massage
Thyroid gland
For the thyroid gland - against stubbornness
Thyroid gland
Metabolic regulation | Slimming
VegySpekt® 24/7 Multispectrum vegan
Vegan | Nutrient supply
Colostrum 300
Immunoglobulins | Enzymes | Amino acids
Histamine intolerance
Erdensalz® Minerals
Potassium | Magnesium | Zinc | Selenium
Rhodiola Rosea
Well-being | Performance | Depression
Melatonin drops
Melatonin | Restful sleep
DreiSalz® Zinc 9 mg
KPU Formula®
Zinc | Vitamin B6
Blood group test
Blood group | Physiological nutrition
Herzintelligenz kompakt
HerzIntelligenz® compact
Serenity | Clarity | Creativity
Gesundmacher Herz
Healthy heart
Tiredness | Stress | Restlessness
Warum wir krank werden
Why we get sick
Insulin resistance | Hormone disorders
Nie wieder krank
Never sick again
Stress | Immune system | Inflammation
Iodine deficiency test
Thyroid | Weight | Depression
Die Organuhr
The organ clock - easily explained
Organ system | Nutrition | Physiology
Long-term blood glucose test (HbA1c)
Diabetes | Insulin resistance
Hashimoto_Test Kopie2
Hashimoto's test
Weight | Fatigue | Hair loss

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Markus Grimm

Markus Grimm

I am Markus. I have been supporting people as a naturopath and coach for over 15 years. During this time, together with my team, I have been able to help thousands of people find their way back to health through physiological nutrition and a holistic therapy plan.

I bring this experience and expertise to the LifeChanger programs. I pass on my knowledge in seminars, training courses, webinars, e-books and specialist articles to health-oriented people, therapists, alternative practitioners, personal trainers and health coaches.

I also train naturopaths, personal trainers, physiotherapists and health and nutrition consultants to become holistic diabetes and thyroid coaches at our academy.

It is my heart's desire to help people find their way back to well-being and health through a more holistic understanding and knowledge. True to our motto: accompany people, not their illnesses!

This is and was the motivation to launch the project in order to reach and educate even more people about the possibilities of physiological nutritional counseling and systemic regulation therapy. I look forward to supporting and accompanying you on your personal Lifechange.

Christian Hartmann

Guiding people on their way to more fitness, an easier life or even more joie de vivre has been my motivation and life's work for more than 25 years.

Hello, my name is Christian Hartmann, I am a chef, sports and fitness specialist and metabolic trainer. For more than 7 years I have been helping people who want to lose weight, suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and have other problems caused by poor nutrition. How do I do this? With a unique and physiological diet that is as individually tailored to the customer as their own fingerprint.

With more than 25 years of experience in the fitness and nutrition sector, I know exactly how I can guide and support people 100% optimally with all their nutrition and fitness goals. My additional NLP training gives me the opportunity to pick people up psychologically exactly where they are currently stuck. After all, three essential factors play a major role in achieving goals: the right diet, the right sport for each person and by far the most important - motivation. "Success is the result of your decisions" (Christian Hartmann).

This was and still is my motivation to join the project with my expertise in order to help even more people achieve their goals through the possibilities of physiological nutritional advice and the right motivation. I look forward to supporting and accompanying you in your personal LifeChange. Together we can achieve all your goals!